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Our privacy policy is very simple. We don't share any information that you submit to us with anyone for any reason.

Fred C. Gilbert Company is not a manufacturer of any product. While Fred C. Gilbert Company and its employees may make recommendations for use of those products sold by Fred C. Gilbert Company, this in no way constitutes a warranty of any kind for any purpose either expressed or implied. All warranty issues are covered by the manufacturers of those particular items purchased. All product liability issues are also covered by the particular manufacturer of the product you may have purchased. Fred C. Gilbert Company suggests that should you have a warranty or product liability issue you contact the manufacturer of that product directly. We will upon request provide whatever contact information needed for you to do so. We will also make a good faith effort to help you resolve whatever warranty issue you may have with the manufacturer of the specific product. Fred C. Gilbert Company is not a manufacturer and assumes no liability of any kind for those products manufactured by other which Fred C. Gilbert Company or its employees may recommend and or may distribute.

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