Texsteam 4305 Series Pump (Single Head, 40 GPD, 600 PSI)

$ 1,474.00

The series 4300 chemical injectors are electric motor driven, positive displacement pumps utilizing an integral worm gear drive available in three different standard ratios and 6 plunger sizes to provide a wide selection of volumes and pressures .063 GPD up to 325 GPD per head, against pressures from 150 to 5000 psig. An optional 10 to 1 gear reducer, mounted externally, is available for extra low pumping rates from 1-1/4 GPD down to 1/2 pint per day. This Texsteam 4305 series pump is rated at 40 GPD, 600 PSI with a 1/2" plunger and a 50:1 gear ratio (35 SPM). Multiplex models with up to 8 heads driven by a common motor are available with choice of interchangeable liquid ends.

Pumps are standard with a micrometer type stroke adjustment that puts an end to the tedious work of stopping and starting the pump while trying to set the proper flow rate. A 0-100% change in capacity is possible while the pump is running. Each complete turn of the knob results in a 10% change in stroke setting. Repeatable accuracy is 1% of set point. Up to eight heads driven by a common motor are possible, and each head can be independently adjusted.

The standard, virtually trouble free packed plunger injector heads have built-in priming valves and a drip-ring type barrier that will prevent chemicals from being conducted along the plunger and into the gear box. Standard pumps can be furnished with high strength ductile iron or all stainless steel liquid ends to handle a wide variety of chemicals used in oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, process plants and other applications where a rugged, easy to maintain proportioning pump is required.

View Texsteam 4300 Series Datasheet (download)

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