Texsteam 5104 Series Pump (2.8 GPD, 6000 PSI)

$ 1,718.00

The 5100 Series Texsteam Chemical Injectors are single acting, positive displacement plunger-type pumps, powered by gas via a diaphragm with a spring return. Speed control is accomplished by regulating the exhaust gas discharge flow.  Reversal is accomplished by a direct spring-actuated switching mechanism (rotary three-way valve). Volume is controlled by the speed of the pump and by the stroke length, either 1" or 1/3" lengths. 

The 5100 Series is capable of pumping high pressures with gas pressure as low as 8 psi and handling volume output up to 30 gallons per day. The pump is lightweight, compact and contains a minimum of working parts for easy maintenance. The 5100 Series performs accurately because (1) The head is designed for high volumetric efficiency, (2) a positive trip mechanism assures fine control of plunger stroke length, and (3) the speed is regulated by controlling the exhaust gas discharge flow which creates a rapid fluid discharge with slow suction.

This 5104 Series pump is rated at 2.8 GPD, 6000 PSI with stainless steel head, 3/16" plunger and Buna-N high pressure packing.

View Texsteam 5100 Series Datasheet (download)

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