Texsteam 6142 Series Pump (Double Head, 38 GPM, 900 PSI)

$ 19,625.00

The Texsteam 6100 Series Pump line consists of a series of basic pump options all developed from a modular power unit. All units are pneumatically driven positive displacement, single or double acting, reciprocating pumps.

The basic pump is designed for use with three fluid ends, a 1-1/4” and 2-3/4” diameter plunger and a 4” diameter piston. The fluid ends are interchangeable with the modular power cylinder and can be assembled as single ended units or double ended units in all combinations of sizes. All fluid ends are designed to withstand maximum output force of the power cylinder.

Due to the balanced valving of the power cylinder it is, in theory, possible to operate the pump against a back pressure equal to the inlet power gas pressure; however, a differential in these two pressures must be maintained for the pump to stroke. (See Power to Fluid Ratio in Datasheet) When the supply gas is piped off to other areas, the pilot valves may also be connected to the pump exhaust manifold system.All fluid ends are designed with removable cartridge type ball check valves. These valves may be replaced without disconnecting the suction and discharge piping.

This 6142 Series pump is a duplex configuration rated at 38 GPM (54,720 GPD), 900 PSI with a 4" plunger.

View Texsteam 6100 Series Datasheet (download)

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