Texsteam 9001 Series Pump (60 GPM, 60 PSI)

$ 4,350.00

The Series 9000 Double Diaphragm Utility Pump is a double acting, positive displacement pump operated on either air or gas. A range of operating power pressures from 5 to 100 PSI provide discharge volumes up to 60 gallons of water and discharge pressures up to 60 PSI through 2"  suction and discharge ports.

It handles any liquid from alcohol to mud, liquids containing solids 1/4" in diameter with ease and liquids containing abrasives with a minimum of wear.The 9000 can operate completely submerged. it is smokeless, quiet, and fireproof. This pump needs no priming for suction lifts up to 14 feet of water, and can perform suction lifts up to 23 feet when primed.

This specific 9001 Series pump comes with standard construction, disc check valve, and buna-n trim.

View Texsteam 9000 Series Datasheet (download)

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